Teenage Bedroom Design Renovation

Is Disney or Princess no longer cutting it as proper bedroom décor for your teenager? It’s important to have a haven for your teenager that will make him or her feel comfortable and proud as they transform for kids to young adults! This bedroom is seen as an expression of their personality. Let’s quickly walk through how to make this design renovation into a masterful plan your teenager will enjoy for years to come.

It’s first important to come up with a budget with your interior designer and also have your teenager meet with you while you discuss what thoughts you might have for the space. Every teenager will have something in mind that they might like and it will be important to create that vision while working within a certain budget and properly using the most functional of pieces to accomplish the design and functionality that is needed for the space.

First, let’s talk color! Color is the main jumping off point for any interior designer when they re-create a space and the same goes for a teenager’s bedroom design renovation. This is a great place to get your teenager involved! Most teenagers might request a bold and colorful bedroom but there will be a fine line in going overboard with this design vision. It’s important to incorporate their desired colors, but do so with bringing in something bright with neutrals. How we can do this is by bringing in one color on the walls and incorporating this boldness in possible decals, rugs, bedding, and accessories. Some teenagers like the idea of stripes which is fine but bring in a two toned color rather than two different colors. Metallics are another fun way to design a trendy space for your teenager.

Furniture is also key in making this bedroom into the haven they desire. Furniture for a teenager needs to be thought through in its entirety as it’s important an interior designer not only brings comfort but also with functionality. Teenagers need storage and there is no getting around it. For a parent this is your saving grace as this gives them an opportunity to get things off the floor and allow the long thought-out design for this room to stand out. There are many ways to incorporate storage: from storage beds, storage block and shelving dividers and units. It’s also important to remember to create a place for them to get away to focus on their studies. A sizable desk and ample storage spaces will be sure to be a good investment.

Accessories, Lighting, Rugs, Décor, and Window Treatments are the design keys to bring your teenagers bedroom together. Interior Designers use a multitude of ways to bring fabrics together by incorporating patterns in the window treatments that match fabric from the bedding or pillows. Trendy rugs are also a great way to bring in the bold they desire for their designed room. Depending on the room it might make sense to bring in one big rug or possibly several small rugs to help define certain areas of the bedroom. Lighting is also key as this will help warm the space and also bring in another design opportunity to bring in some fun funk they desire! Lastly, accessories finish the deal. You don’t have to spend a ton on them but they help tie in the design vision you are trying to accomplish in this perfectly designed space

Teenage Bedrooms provide an important space for your child since it will be where they spend a majority of their time. Bring them in on this design plan and they will sure to love it!