Furniture Design Guide: Tips for Modern Bedroom Design

Furniture design is what dictates the overall feeling of your space; it’s a representation of you. If you’re getting the recommended amount of sleep, you can spend up to one third of your life in your bedroom. With so much of your time invested in a single space, doesn’t it make sense to have an amazing bedroom design?

Assess Your Needs

When embarking on your bedroom design adventure, it’s important to determine the functions you need. A cohesive room comes down to how furniture design choices utilize the space provided. Some questions to ask yourself before you begin your bedroom design include:

  • How much storage space do you need?
  • What do you need this space to accomplish?
  • Are there some elements you absolutely must have?

Taking the time to assess your needs makes for a more functional bedroom design. Taking the time to make things look great is wonderful, but taking the time to make sure it works for you isbetter.

The Benefits of Modern Furniture Design

Modern furniture design has a clean and polished look that never looks cluttered. Its colors are bold and powerful, and its curves are fluid. This is the design choice of someone who wants to make people stop and stare in awe. Basic modern design focuses on the following principles:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Smooth Curves
  • Texture

By considering these elements for the furniture design of your room, you will have a bedroom design that’s on the cutting edge. You will have something that people stare longingly at in the pages of a magazine, and you will have it shaped to your taste.

Size and Color

The type of furniture selected sets the tone for the entire room. Your furniture choices should fit comfortably within your bedroom design so proper flow is maintained. Choosing larger pieces can inspire power, while choosing smaller pieces can maximize space. A good bedroom will haveboth elements.

Color also has a strong impact on bedroom design as color choice can impact how you feel. Colors like lavender have a sleepy, calming effect, while colors such as cherry red are energizing. Cooler color palates can inspire action, while warmer more monochromatic looks can become soothing. Modern design elements will feature several solid pieces of furniture, usually with pops of pattern to add visual interest.

Putting it all Together

After taking note of what pieces inspire you compile swatches of the textures, colors and patterns used in your furniture design. Take measurements to ensure your desired pieces will fit comfortably in the room. This step can be helped along by drawing a layout. Choose accent pieces based on colors present in your chosen patterns. Soon enough, you will have a room that inspires envy.

Three Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Gentlemen, when you decide to decorate your bedroom surely you want to have a stylish and functional design that also shows your masculine side. Well, read on because we have some bedroom design ideas for men.

Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Below are three bedroom ideas in three types of design that will definitely accentuate masculinity:

Traditional Bedroom Design

The first design is traditional bedroom style. To implement this design, select heavy pieces of furniture that seems aged. It is best to pick a sleek design with minimal carvings. For the bed, select ones with a high headboard so it looks prominent. The bedding materials used in traditional design should be made from typical menswear fabrics like wool and flannel. To accentuate this style of design, the bedroom windows should be covered with drapes made from heavy material like chenille or velvet. As for the lighting, it should create a warm and soft impression by using dark colored lamp shades. Should you choose to display any artwork in the bedroom, it should be in classical style. The best types of paintings to display in traditional bedroom design are landscape and portraits. Finally, a plush oriental rug would complete the traditional look in the room.

Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Another design of the bedroom that give prominence to masculinity is a rustic style. In this design, the bedroom will mainly contain items made from wood. Therefore, the room can be decorated to resemble a luxurious ski lodge or a cabin in the woods. In rustic style, the furniture should be made from material with a strong natural characteristic, like oak, pine or hickory. Choose a heavy but simple piece of furniture. Select a bed with a slated headboard. In terms of bedding materials, you may choose from various materials like cotton, denim, flannel, wool or knit. Rustic style bedroom should also remain simple with color patterns that comprised of shades of blue, green, brown, khaki and beige. The natural elements should be maintained for the window blinds. Therefore, select wooden blinds with color that match the furnishings. To create a synergy amongst the bedroom elements, the lighting should also be made from natural elements like wood or iron. It is best if you choose an artwork that displays nature scenes. To complete the rustic look, a geometrical Persian rug would be a perfect choice.

Metro Bedroom Style

The final bedroom design idea that we would suggest is metro style. The highlight in this design is its clean, modern and sleek look. If this is the style you choose then you will want low profile furniture without any ornaments. The best is to choose dark color furniture like espresso or black. Platform beds are the best option that fits with this design. The color patterns for this design are black, gray and white. For bedding material, it is best to use white linen. Choose lighting made from glossy materials like porcelain or glass; alternatively you can also select lighting made from bright metals like nickel or chrome. As for the artwork, you may want to choose an abstract painting or glass statue. To complete the metro style in your bedroom design, throw thick shag on the floor.

There you go, three bedroom design ideas for men that will certainly make your room look modern, stylish, comfortable and at the same time also radiate the aura of masculinity.

Tropical Bedroom Design – Make It Your Tranquil Retreat With These Essentials

Some people turn to their bedroom when they are feeling depressed and down. The tranquility and peaceful effect that this room provides somehow makes it the best place to stay at during these low periods of your life. But if your bedroom does not possess the kind of peaceful, warmth, and inviting nature, it could be hard pulling all your thoughts together and calm, reflect, and meditate on things that have transpired with you. If your room is such a mess, it is even harder to achieve the kind of tranquility you want when you are resting the night. If this is the case with your bedroom, it is time to redesign it. A tropical bedroom design is a lovely choice if you want to transform the room into a kind of sanctuary that lets you find peace whenever you want one, or calming effect whenever you want to rest the night.

Doing this venture is a way to have something like of a tranquil retreat. If you doubt it is just impossible to have such design, it is not an overwhelming job. All you have to do is to find the basic elements needed for such tropic effect. Prints and paints inspired by animals, plants, and flowers will give you the head start in realizing this particular design. Continue by acquiring pieces of the same theme and place them each strategically across places of the tropical bedroom design and you will complete this venture.

If you want to create foliage on the walls of your bedroom, accentuate it by having framed works with pressed leaves and flowers in them. This can be done by placing the flowers or leaves in the book and wait for them to dry. After several weeks, they will turn crisp. This is the perfect time to remove them out the book and frame them. Choose the right artwork that complements the tropical look. Or for a unique touch, select frames that are a contrast to the tropical drama. When done, you can mount this artwork somewhere along the wall of your tropical bedroom design.

Here are other things you can consider putting to create that materialize that tropical bedroom design:

The walls can be painted with neutral but clean shades of the sand, warm white, or light taupe to create that natural and simple effect. This is great for maintaining the tranquil retreat effect of the bedroom. Colors of yellow, green, and blue are choices for a dynamic effect. You can integrate a wall mural by adding Hawaiian sunset, palm tree, floral wallpaper.

The floors can be set in choices of hues such as deep red, chestnut, red-brown, and sand colors. These are a perfect compliment to any tropical bedroom design. Laminate floors provide these design choices. You can have this kind if you want cost-effective solutions.

The lights are essential but avoid making these the focal point of the bedroom. You can have a special ceiling fan shaped as a palm leaf with bulbs is perfect choice. There are other types of lights meant for this design but don’t overdo it. Select pieces that will not flood the overall design of the bedroom to avoid the tropical effect.

Furniture, bedding, and accessories are essential aspects to consider when infusing tropical bedroom design. These wood furniture and bedding are of course most ideal for this theme. In terms of the accessories, you can find such Hawaiian and other tropic decors like vase for artificial orchids, palm plant, wall tapestries designed with palm tress, palm leaves, orchids, and a lot others.

Top Bathroom and Bedroom Design Ideas and Tips

Refurbishing any room in the house can be a little bit daunting, not to mention time-consuming and costly. Despite the disruption, costs, mess and anxiety, when the day comes that you finally walk into a finished room, with gleaming new features and a fabulous design, you will no doubt realise that it will have all been worth the effort.

Bathrooms and bedrooms are two key rooms in a home and inevitably have to be updated and modernised every now and then so that they are in-keeping with the era and remain a pleasure to be in. If you have decided that it is about time your home’s interior has a little TLC breathed in to it, then take a look at the following top bathroom and bedroom design ideas and tips.

Make a small bedroom appear bigger

Most of us own a bedroom that we would ideally like to be bigger and whilst knocking down walls to make a room literally bigger might not be realistic, there are certain design ‘tricks’ we can utilise to make a bedroom appear bigger.

Eliminating the clutter in a bedroom will help create more space, likewise so would positioning dual-functioning items of furniture in the room, such as a sofa bed. Using two different types of flooring can also make a room appear to be deceptively bigger. Tricks like placing a rug on one side of the floor and leaving the other side exposed can generate the feeling of more space.

Light has also played a pivotal role in the perceived size of a room and in a small room try to flood as much light as possible into the room to make it appear to be larger. Decorating the ceiling can be another good way to divert the eye from the smallness and bring another dimension to a bedroom.

Children’s bedrooms design tips

Children’s bedrooms are one of the most the heavily redecorated rooms in the house for the simple reason that kids are eternally changing their mind about what they like and definitely don’t like.

Storage should play an important role in the design of a child’s bedroom so that the hordes of toys they collect can be neatly put away in trunks and cupboards instead of littered all over the carpet.

It may also be a good idea to avoid using themes in a child’s bedroom, for the simple reason that the superhero they love this month might not necessarily be in favour next month!

Contemporary bathroom design ideas

A stylish and well-designed bathroom can add value to your house, not to mention create a great environment to unwind and relax in the bath after a hectic day. For a bathroom that is utterly in-keeping with 2013, opt for rectangular tiles set within regimented grids without any overlap. Bathroom wallpaper has also made a comeback this year, in a myriad of styles, colours and patterns. For an ultra sophisticated look replace a conventional basin with a square one.

Art deco

Art deco has also been resurrected this year and can be used in both bathrooms and bedrooms to create a highly glamorous and stylish look. To bring a touch of art deco to your bathroom, fit a square sink, some traditional ceramic taps and set them against an elegant plain background.

Shabby chic

Get on the highly fashionable shabby chic trail this year by placing distressed mirrors that have been flecked with grey paint on the walls of bathrooms and bedrooms.